With your support you can help empower others as they seek to bring change to their communities! Thank you for donating to Sauti Moja Tanzania!

Until other systems are set up, donations to Sauti Moja Tanzania will be facilitated via Sauti Moja in Canada through Canada Helps and Pay Pal, which offer trustworthy, low-cost service to charities. In the scroll down menu, you can identify the program that you most wish to support and you can select one-time or automated monthly credit card payments through their services.



Alternatively, you may do like others – send a cheque, post-dated cheques or a money order to the Sauti Moja Office. If you wish to designate your donation to a particular program or sponsor a child mother please indicate that at the time of making payment.

Sauti Moja
PO Box 1272
Pembroke, ON
K8A 6Y6


In FY11-12, Admin and Fundraising costs in Canada were 8% of expenses.

Note that if you mark your donation as anonymous, Sauti Moja will be unable to thank you or provide up-dates. Canada Helps does not provide Sauti Moja with your name and address, if you request ‘Anonymous’.

You may access financial detail about Sauti Moja from Canada Revenue Agency’s website (


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